Dharma carries gifts of self-realization and prosperity

In the Ramayana, great sage Valmiki says, “From Dharma comes prosperity. Only from Dharma flows happiness. From Dharma comes self-realization. By Dharma everything is attained. Dharma is the essence of this world.” Indeed when we are in tune with Dharma we feel we lead a meaningful life that totally satisfy us. People and circumstances come into our life effortlessly to help us move forward. We take wise risks and remain confident because we know we will be protected by Dharma.

Sanskrit is very rich language and even only one word can have several profound meanings. It’s the same with Dharma. One of the original meanings of the word Dharma is “one’s essential characteristic” and it is that essential (inseparable) characteristic or nature that sustains our existence and is making us who we are. Example is given with the sugar and it’s sweetness. Sweetness is Dharma of the sugar, it’s inseparable characteristic which is making sugar that what it is – sweet. Our Dharma on the other hand is service. Every one of us is a servant and can serve others with some extraordinary talent.

To be engaged in our Dharma – a meaningful specific service, that brings energy, contentment and happiness to all, that is a success.

If we enquire and understand these subjects well, we will understand and realize ourselves, Universe, God, other living entities and our true relationship with them, because understanding and following one’s Dharma leads to a successful life, in which everything that matters gradually unfolds.

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