Timeless principles of success

Universal principles of Dharma are very different approach to the question “What is my life calling?”

Root meaning of the word dharma is „to uphold or maintain something or someone“. From this comes meaning of the word Dharma – „that which sustains our existence and makes us who we are“. But, what is that actually that sustains our existence and is making us who we are? Primarily 3 things;

  1. law
  2. our nature
  3. our purpose

Laws coming from the higher authorities such as God, Universe and nature, and all the principles coming from such laws, are meant to maintain and protect natural and moral order of things, people and societies.

Such a law is sustaining our existence, supporting us and our growth (material and spiritual) if we understand it and abide by it’s rules and principles. With obedience to such laws we are able to elevate our thinking (raising consciousness) be successful and develop noble traits of character. The more elevated or purified our consciousness is, the more penetrating our perception is. High consciousness is the foundation of deep perception and proper knowledge and understanding.

If there wasn’t for such moral laws, complete chaos and degradation would be natural byproducts, which we can witness to great extent in todays age and era.

Moral law – Dharma, represents path of progress – wholesome progress; material and spiritual.

Therefore the most reliable method of coming in contact with one’s purpose and life calling is to follow timeless principles of Dharma and then observing how things change in one’s life. Goethe once wrote, “How can we learn self-knowledge? Never by taking thought but rather by action. Try to do your duty and you’ll soon discover what you’re like.” In other words, we cannot discover our purpose by sitting around and speculating, but by acting dharmically, that will allow us to grow. The force of Dharma will support us then and show us the right way.

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