Dharma Coach reveals Your talents and helps You create a life based on Your strengths and what You naturally do best.


Our mission is to notice and appreciate each person’s unique characteristics and to bring out their best.

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About me

My name is Domagoj “Dharma” Smolić. I am the founder of Dharma Coaching – personal development discipline.

My mission is to give a personal contribution to the well-being of others. I find it my duty therefore to respond to those who reach out for help and to serve those who have needs that I can meet.

I am successfully providing individual and group Dharma Coaching programs, designed according to Your needs and desires (live and online).

Life Coaching has been one of my fascinations since my student days when I met this science for the first time.

In the year 2006, after receiving master’s degree in Kinesiology, I started my professional carrier in health & education related fields as a personal trainer and a school teacher, with a highly individual and holistic approach to my clients and students.

In the year 2012, I moved to India to study theology and philosophy at the famous Mayapur Institute, where I was also trained as a Life Coach, with a strong spiritual approach.  After finishing my studies, I stayed to work in India as an educator at a boarding school for young men.  Afterwards I went on missionary work in Africa.

In Africa I continued to train and educate myself in individual consultations, Life Coaching and holding workshops aimed to develop our spiritual consciousness.

My nickname Dharma comes actually from my spiritual name Dharma Setu Das, meaning „Servant of the bridge that leads us towards Dharma“. It was in Africa, where my spiritual master gave me this name and my life mission with it; to connect others with their Dharma. I consider it as the greatest blessing of my life.

After receiving my task, I continued venturing to education in Teaching, Coaching and Counselling. In the year 2015, I returned to Europe and finished a training course for PEAT processors and therapists. PEAT is the method of psychotherapy and spiritual development. I became a certified trainer of spiritual technologies, empowered to apply PEAT processes in individual sessions and workshops for human consciousness development.

In the year 2017, I finished Reconnective and Fanali courses (healing methods). I became able to put in balance the energetic capacities of another person, in a completely natural way.

In the year 2019, I started my own independent carrier as a Life Coach and a counselor. At the end of the same year, I left for Belgium for further education and new professional engagement at Bhaktivedanta College (Septon-Durbuy), where I worked as a Life Coach for students.

In the year 2020, I continued my training in Life Coaching. I became a certified Gallup Global Strengths Coach, trained to empower others to succeed in what matters most to them.

Gallup is an American analytics and advisory company, based in Washington D.C., founded in 1935 by George Gallup. It is an amazing organisation focused on providing analytics, management and educational consulting to individuals and organizations globally.

Gallup has a personality assessment called “Clifton Strengths”, formerly known as “Strengths Finder”. It is an online personality assessment, aimed to help all kind of people and organizations interested in career and personal development. I use this tool as well in my own Coaching (together with expert astrological inputs) to help my clients identify their nature, innate talents and to achieve what is possible for them.

This is one of most important goals of Dharma Coaching, to help individuals and groups identify their talents, develop them into strengths and to help them properly apply those strengths in life, in order to accomplish desired goals and in this way realize their full potential and purpose in life.

In my opinion, Life Coaching is a calling. Successful Life Coach, next to receiving expert education and training, is a person who embodies strong and sincere desire to motivate, inspire and assist others to realize their full potential, find the inner beauty of life, understand themselves better and reach their most cherished life goals.

There are many different models of Coaching. Dharma Coaching is focused on helping individuals, pairs and groups to improve their own life skills and life standards by unlocking and developing their own, often hidden, innate potential to carry out any life mission.

I believe, no matter whether Dharma Coaching is used in sport, life or business, that the individual always carries the answers in himself, but I also understand that we all need, from time to time, help to find that answer. That’s why I am here.

Thank You for Your trust.

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