The way to find Your place in life, Your task, Your purpose is to follow timeless Dharma principles.


Dharma sustains our existence and makes us who we are.

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Domagoj “Dharma” Smolić, prof.

An incredible Coach

Dear Dharma, you have a natural talent and gift in connecting with people where they are and make clarity in any challenging situation they might face. Your kind approach together with your deep capacity to listen, understanding and simplifying what seems to be very foggy and complicated, make of you an incredible coach that takes your client by the hand and inspire their next step. Thanks for your great support.

Adriana Caliri (ITA), Client

I highly recommend Dharma Coaching to anyone wanting to dramatically improve their quality of life

My experience with Dharma has been absolutely amazing, eye opening, enlivening and inspiring! Dharma is so attentive, I feel safe and trusting to open up and be vulnerable. As an intuitive empath, I have a keen insight into people and what I feel and sense from him, is his genuine desire to assist and support me. He listens with such interest, helps me understand each of my strengths, how to use them in the specific areas of my life, even those areas where I would usually not perform as well. I was amazed at how he takes the time to expertly prepare each session to help me keep moving forward. And what made his Coaching stand out for me, from all other ones I have done in the past, is that he sends me, after the sessions, a thorough, in-depth and clear summary of what we discussed. In it he explains some of my strengths and what the next step will be…which showed me how actively he was present and listening, paying attention to every detail. I highly recommend Dharma Coaching, to anyone wanting to dramatically improve their quality of life. Using the Dharma Coaching way, I feel more energized, joyful and I know that I will achieve true and genuine success!

Marie Trempe (Florida, USA), Client

He is so grounded in wisdom

Dharma’s energy and approach are really unique, grounded in a real sense of wisdom. With his gentle guidance, he opened up my thinking to how the problem I was facing related back to my values and purpose. I found the session opened my mind up to different perspectives and gave me a number of new lenses to give clarity and help me work through my decision-making. Very much appreciated – and would thoroughly recommend!

Laura Fink (UK), Client

Dharma is extraordinarily kind and well-wishing

If you need a good listener in your life, who not only listens but has the knowledge and natural talent to see the bigger picture and to connect the dots you can’t see, then you need to talk to Dharma. Extraordinarily kind and well-wishing, his enthusiasm and dedication make me feel valued, worthy and empowered to follow my uniqueness and make my innate talents strong so I can live a life of fullness, joy and celebration! Thank you, Dharma!

Andrej Žuškin (CRO), Client

That’s Coaching!

I had an amazing coaching session with Dharma. He is patient, thoughtful and posed the right questions, which in turn allowed me to reflect on different areas of my life. His approach was authentic and paired with emotional intelligence. His intuitive and creative questions reveal a gentle mapmaking approach so that the best possibilities for the client are not missed. It was a truly incredible experience and just after one coaching session I was able to detect another approach for my problem. That’s coaching!

Doris Danzig Jones (GER), Client

I highly recommend!

Thank you Dharma for inspiring me during our coaching sessions, it’s great to have a coach who gets what I am trying to achieve and who guides me along the right path with the right balance of patience and encouragement. You have a natural energy, insight and bring great energy to the sessions. You opened up valuable new perspectives on my work and personal lives. In just an hour I was able to view my situation from a completely different angle with tool to use as I venture into a year of self-discovery.

Simon Dempster (UK), Client

Domagoj is deeply dedicated to personal development and spiritual progress

We hereby confirm that prof. Domagoj Smolić during 2019. was professionally engaged with Bhaktivedanta College. In the time spent with our institution, prof. Smolić successfully finished an intense teacher training course, he was trained how to organise and deliver courses that we deliver for many years now and he worked with our students. His approach is very thoughtful, personal and spiritual. He was helping students to discover their potentials, to set clear and worthy goals, he inspired them to work, study and take action to accomplish their goals. He also gave them support in socialization and protection of their psychophysical health. All together, it is clearly visible that prof. Smolić is deeply dedicated to personal development and spiritual progress, his own and that of his proteges.

Dario Knez (BEL), Bhaktivedanta College

He is self-motivated leader and a follower of universal spiritual values

During 2017 professor Domagoj Smolić came to South Africa voluntarily for educational missionary activities. He intensely traveled across the whole of South Africa, during 7 months of his stay here, with a mission to spread universal spiritual knowledge and understanding, to assist the poor and needy with food, comfort and counselling they needed and tools for intellectual and spiritual development. He was very good with people, a strong communicator, self-motivated leader and a follower of universal spiritual values. You could clearly see that he was a student of life, dedicated to life long learning and always ready to share his knowledge and realizations to assist others in their development as wholesome human beings. Much of prof. Smolić’s work was therapeutic due to his compassion and expertise in many effective meditation techniques and methods which enable one to raise his consciousness and spirituality to the level where you can positively and permanently transform and develop your personality.

Jyotirmaya das (SA), President of Iskcon Capetown, SA

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